“Lakshya is a platform which brings your ideas to life where innovations meets nature to expose your talents”.

                 LAKSHYA - ”Lendi’s Association of Knowledgeable Sportive Humanistic Youthful Artistic” Students of EEE. The Lakshya  has  incorporated in the year 2010 by the department of EEE, Lendi Institute of Engineering and Technology. During this 10 years of journey the Lakshya event has made itself a grand success.

                   The main motto of Lakshya is “To give practical exposure to the  students in order to enhance  their  technical,  communication  and  leadership skills”. Owing to the interpersonal skills of students, Lakshya is making a positive move in that arena. Lakshya also encourages each and every individual to their creative thinking. Apart from academics, it provides a determination for students to make themselves as a responsible citizen. Lakshya itself is becoming one of the best part-in to cheer up the entity of every student.

                   The Dept. of EEE at LENDI Institute of engineering and technology is celebrating “LAKSHYA 2K19” on February 15th & 16th  at the college campus.

The various events that make up the symposium are as follows:

  • Project Expo - which makes the students to explore their innovative ideas.
  • PPT - that makes the student to get a clear picture on the technical stuff. ESSAY WRITING - provides an avenue for your thoughts and increase personality development

  • QUIZ - enables students to think out of the box and improve one’s general knowledge.

  • SPORTS & CULTURAL - it builds the team work and management skills among students and provides both physical and mental relaxation.

Co ordinator

Mr. K. Praveen Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor


Dr. Y. Narendra Kumar

HOD & Professor

Lakshya 2020Magazine


Jonnada, Denkada




Tel: 08922-241111

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